Welcome to the renders archive.

This is a selection of renders that have some bearing on my process. A few quick notes:

These are low resolution for web loading's sake, but generally I render at (unnecessarily) high resolutions- 6000, 8000, sometimes 12000 pixels wide; I just love the details.

The vast majority of this work is mainly my love for 3D modeling, sculpting inside of VR, and experimenting with materials, shaders, and process. I work mainly inside of Blender. It's all for the love of making visuals. Oh, they're also cropped for the gallery format, click to expand.

I had to break these down into sections of 50 for the website, but there are about 400 or so. I hope you enjoy.
Section 1:
Section 2:
Section 3:
Section 4:
Section 5:
Section 6:
Section 7:
Section 8:
Section 9: